Handbags Update Kanye West Is Designing For Louis Vuitton!

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If youe a fan of replica handbags, probabilities are you currently possess a few stellar replica Louis Vuitton things stocking your collection. We all adore that monogram, and who can resist the L.A. flash that these accessories have?


You'd need to be watching the headlines fairly closely to catch this little tidbit, on the other hand. Leaked to an market insider, and then to several well-known gossip web pages, wee got an inside line on what the next item coming in the style property are going to be ?and here a hint: it not Louis Vuitton handbags!

Tragic, I know, for the reason that there a definite need to have for a fresh new model from these folks. But we'll just need to make do together with the line of sneakers that none other than Kanye West is going to accomplish for LV!

Though we're dedicated to replica handbags updates, this was just also huge to pass up. West was spotted leaving a flagship retailer stocked with Louis Vuitton handbags. He flashed his kicks for the eager paparazzi, and announced his upcoming collaboration with this extraordinary fashion residence.

Kanye stated that he couldn give out too a great deal information, and coyly reduce the impromptu interviews brief. He did admit that he had been showing off some of his designs. As far as we know, the proposed line of footwear are going to be all white, just just like the sweet pair of shows that the man himself has been sporting lately. Replica Louis Vuitton operating footwear anybody?

The line isn slated for release until this summer ?June to become exact, but wee all fairly curious to find out what it's going to look like. The footwear he had on when he made this announcement was all-white with no decals, no monogram, no nothin? Pairing having a design residence which has created its mark by literally placing its mark on almost everything, how will the nude, stripped down styles the singer is proposing be received by fans?

The artist behind some of the biggest smash hits of your past couple of years is certainly putting some operate into style. Using a clothing line of his own referred to as Previous Tell Clothes, and an additional collaboration with Nike, it no wonder wee been spotting him inside the front row at some of the planet top rated fashion shows lately.

The couture connection is definitely robust for the lashing Lights?hitmaker: he lately revealed on his individual weblog a cute pic of him sporting a custom created backpack. Possibly Kanye loves Louis Vuitton handbags as a lot as we do?

The backpack was trashed by some sniping bloggers who don just like the look of it, but you don need to darlings ?its custom! Personally, I feel the more than sized carryall has some good features, and keeps the integrity from the brand behind my favorite replica Louis Vuitton, although still clearly getting an original creation outdoors from the usual confines with the maker aesthetic ?I undoubtedly wouldn be complaining if Mr. West was behind the designs for a hot new LV line of replica handbags!





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